Oddas Aria promoted to Fleet Captain

Oddas Aria promoted to Fleet Captain

The Executive Council is very excited to announce that Oddas Aria, captain of the USS Juneau, has been promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain!

Fleet Captain Oddas Aria

Nick, the writer behind Oddas Aria, was last promoted in April 2019 to captain. Since then, he has served as the CO for the USS Eagle and now the USS Juneau, which was introduced via a special fleetwide 12-week blockbuster Project Capstone, where he led a crew comprised of players from across the fleet. 

His dedication to the crews he’s commanded these past three years is already worthy of recognition, and he was awarded the Christopher Pike Pendant in 2020. Furthermore, in 2020, he was awarded Staff Member of the Year for both his leadership of Project Capstone as well as the changes he introduced with regular CAL office hours once he began his duties as Captain-at-Large.

Since these accolades, he’s made a monumental contribution to the administration of our organization with the creation, development, and maintenance of a simming management tool for COs and ship staff members (a.k.a. Project ARIA). Any captain who has used this tool as well as any EC member can attest to how helpful this asset has been for the fleet in helping us save time, get a clearer picture about the health and status of our ships, individual players, and more.

Nick also serves as a Deputy Commandant of the Academy and co-facilitator of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau since its inception in 2016. He is highly decorated, having received the TOSMA, Russ Bar, Pathfinder Award, Rising Star Award, Boothby Award, Trailblazer Award, Phoenix Award, Neelix Award, Sheathed Sword, and Strange Medallion in addition to the awards mentioned above!

Above all, Captain Oddas has demonstrated his dedication to the organization, his ability to work well and communicate with others (both with his fellow captains and peers on the EC and top-down as the CAL disseminating information to the CC), and his skills as a leader of both his ship and of the task forces and fleet initiatives he’s a part of.

You can read more about FltCapt. Oddas in the following Community News articles: 

The rank of Fleet Captain is the first flag officer rank staff members can earn above captain in StarBase 118 PBEM. These officers show considerable dedication not just to their vessels but to the greater fleet as well. The rank bestows the ability for a captain to manage an In Character fleet of ships and a campaign region of their own.

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