Hirogen detected in space nearby Amity Outpost

Hirogen detected in space nearby Amity Outpost

NURIOOPTA SOLAR NEBULA – Reports of up to eighteen Hirogen vessels gathering in an undisclosed area of space somewhere near Amity Outpost may well be the latest challenge for Ambassador Rivi Vataix and her diplomatic staff, as well as her contingent of Starfleet officers.

While the reports are unconfirmed, the FNS has credible information from reliable sources of at least Amity’s Federation Diplomatic Corp personnel being aware of the Hirogen presence.

“Amity Outpost works hand in hand with Starfleet security, and we are always assessing intelligence and threats in our sector and the surrounding sectors,” said Ambassadorial Aide Keehani Ukinix in a written statement in response to questions submitted to the Diplomatic Corp, Starfleet, and directly to Vataix. “There is no threat assessed at this time, and we do not make security decisions based on speculation.” The statement did not refer to the Hirogen or any other species.

However, the reports have not stopped Amity’s residents from sharing rumours with each other about the Hirogen. “I’ve heard everything from the Hirogen demanding better holo-projection technology to planning a full-scale invasion of the Alpha Quadrant,” said a Talaxian resident who wished to remain unnamed. “Delta Quadrant natives know just how dangerous the Hirogen can be, and we hope that the Federation takes any potential threat seriously.”

If the reports are true, it presents a dilemma for not only Vataix, but her new Deputy Chief of Mission and Counselor for Culture and Press Affairs, Envoy Vaje Kizat. New to the role, any dealings with the Hirogen are sure to present a challenge for the new Deputy.

Kizat, a former Trade and Economic officer in the Cardassian Union, joined the Federation Diplomatic Corp through an exchange program between the Federation and Cardassian governments in an act of good faith after the Dominion war. Kizat replaced the retiring Envoy Jansen Orrey. Orrey, also a decorated Starfleet officer, returned home to Earth to spend more time with his wife, Lieutenant Commander Raissa Moonsong, and their daughter Natalia.

Written by Kit Ivanovic

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