Federation News Service Briefing: Stardate 239904

Federation News Service Briefing: Stardate 239904

The Federation News Service is a spinoff of the StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG, reporting news headlines from across the United Federation of Planets to Federation citizens, along with other reader-submitted stories from other RPGs and fan works. Here are the latest stories published by the FNS.

New PADD Release Images Spark Debate Among Tech Enthusiasts Stardate 239904.24
SAN FRANCISCO, EARTH — Recent updates to PADD design have been minimal. At a single glance, it would be difficult to differentiate one model from the next. Compared to previous iterations boasting large changes to the design and experimental ideas, this shift in production has been a big change.

Darryk Dresa, hero of Cardassian liberation, dead at 67 Stardate 239904.29
LAKARIAN CITY, CARDASSIA PRIME — Cardassian military and civilians alike are mourning the loss of Derryk Dresa, who daringly destroyed a weapons facility prior to the Jem’Hadar invasion in 2375. Dresa’s death comes just weeks before the twenty-third anniversary of the destruction of Lakarian City.

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