Denali Station crew party like it’s 2399

Denali Station crew party like it’s 2399

DENALI STATION — The crew end their recent shore leave with an awards celebration held at Möbius, the new nightclub in the stations Market District.

To mark the end of the crew’s recent shore leave Lt. Dekas, Head of Infrastructure Development on Denali Station, arranged for a party to be held at the facility’s first nightclub, Möbius.

The ceremony started with the awarding of service ribbons, including the prestigious Maiden Voyage ribbon, which was awarded to the entire crew to recognise their hard work establishing Denali Station. A popular promotion to Lt. JG for Vulcan engineer Sera followed before the party properly began.

Möbius, recently opened by entrepreneur Leyisa Yhanne, proved to be an excellent location for the event, and the majority of the crew danced and drank the night away. Lt. John Kendrick, Chief Security, and Tactical officer was quoted as saying “Congratulations everyone! Now let’s party like it’s 2399”

The crew got back to work a few days later. FltCapt. Oddas began making preparations to receive Cardassian and Mithglin delegations, whilst Chief Science Officer Tomas Falt led a small away team to investigate a mysterious underground room, situated under a tower in an otherwise rundown and abandoned area of the city.

Shortly after Falt’s team arrived a large power spike was detected, immediately followed by an explosion that destroyed the tower. Contact was lost with the away team and a rescue party has been dispatched to the site to locate and recover the missing crew.

Written by Tomas Falt

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