Debriefing and promotions on Denali Station follow a successful rescue mission

Debriefing and promotions on Denali Station follow a successful rescue mission

DENALI STATION — Fleet Captain Oddas held an important staff meeting following the successful recovery of an away team that had been transported to the far side of the ring after an accident.

The USS Eagle (NCC-74659), commanded by Lieutenant Dekas, returned to Denali Station earlier this week after successfully recovering an away team that had become stranded in an ancient underwater facility after an accident with an ancient alien transportation device.

The crew also rescued a missing Starfleet officer from the same facility, a Vulcan named V’las, who by his uniform stranded there nearly a century ago. He displayed signs of psychological trauma and currently receives treatment under guard after attacking Lieutenant Falt. It is unclear how he ended up at the facility, but it is believed he was part of the crew of an Oberth class ship that the crew of the Eagle previously discovered wrecked on the Ring on stardate 239702.11. Investigations continued into the body of a second unknown crewman that was also discovered at the facility.

Two days after the crew returned to the station, Oddas held a staff meeting and made a number of personnel changes. Following her injury during the last mission, Lieutenant Commander Qinn has requested a transfer and will leave Denali Station. Chief Science Officer Falt was announced as her successor as XO and promoted to Lieutenant Commander. When asked for a quote, the new XO said, “Well, Commander Qinn did a brilliant job and has left big shoes to fill, but I’ll do my best.”

Security Chief John Kendrick also received a well-deserved promotion to Lieutenant Commander, as did Lieutenant Dekas, who became Denali Station’s Chief Engineer. Lieutenant Commander Indobri, who is leaving Denali Station and transferring back to the USS Juneau (NX-99801), was promoted to full Commander and Denali’s first Mithglin exchange officer, Division Head Hirl, was introduced as the new Chief medical officer.

The crew immediately began shore leave after the meeting, bringing some much-needed downtime and a chance for many to adjust to their new roles.

Written by Tomas Falt

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