Crew of USS Thor transfer to USS ‘Oumuamua amid drydock repairs

Crew of USS Thor transfer to USS ‘Oumuamua amid drydock repairs

UTOPIA PLANITIA SHIPYARDS — The critically damaged USS Thor (NCC-82607) has successfully entered drydock at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards after returning from the Delta Quadrant under tow of the USS ‘Oumuamua (NCC-81226).

The events that led to the Thor’s near-destruction remain a mystery. The starship engaged pirates while investigating missing communications in the Delta Quadrant, according to Starfleet news releases, but the facts are vague. When pressed for comment, Starfleet highlighted ongoing investigations and declined to give further information. The Thor and the ‘Oumuamua both need repairs and refits. Most of the remaining crew of the Thor has transferred to the Luna class ‘Oumuamua, according to public personnel transfers.

While both vessels received attention from the drydock, many of the crew members took advantage of their proximity to Earth to take shore leave and explore several worlds. A small group visited Bora Bora from the Thor for leisure and recreation.

“Bora Bora was amazing,” said Lieutenant Nesre Salo, a counsellor. “However, the opportunity to bond with other crew members was even greater.”

Other crew members spent their time in their new ship’s holodecks seeking adventure rather than exploring actual planets. Lieutenant JG V’len Kel, the ‘Oumuamua’s medical officer, held a murder mystery holonovel for his fellow crew members. When asked whatever software he ran, Kel revealed it was a bespoke programme he created.

“All I can say is that Batman is the Wes Greaves of detectives… yes, and the guy’s brother is the murderer.” Doctor Kel declined to discuss more, claiming a wish not to ruin the plot.

However, R&R was not arranged for all Thor transferees. Major Wes Greaves, the former First Officer of the Thor, is the subject of a competence investigation. The proceedings attempt to find out if carelessness played a role in the events in the Delta Quadrant while he took command of the Thor throughout her destruction. The inquiry will begin early next week.

Written by Wes Greaves

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