Chin’toka crew parties at Shemsh Colony during well-earned shore leave

Chin’toka crew parties at Shemsh Colony during well-earned shore leave

SHEMSH COLONY — The USS Chin’toka’s crew had established an arrangement with the Shakani, a race of animals that worked as self-appointed protectors for the inhabitants of PTE-2891. Following that, the crew returned to the freshly built Shemsh Colony in the Par’tha Expanse’s Oscion Sector.

They had taken some well-deserved shore leave when they arrived.

The largest of the ongoing festivities is the ongoing celebration at Dragonmount’s caldera. Dragonmount, an extinct volcano on Shemsh, permits tourists to swim in the caldera’s natural lake, as well as climb, trek, and parasail. One ensign is said to have spiked the punch with Romulan brandy, which will undoubtedly need an additional inquiry.

“That should help folks relax,” the anonymous ensign may have said. Starfleet Security has subsequently raised questions regarding the Ensign’s conduct, pending additional inquiry regarding the officers’ mishandling of potentially dangerous substances.

Officers have described wandering through the bush and woods and conversing over a variety of beverages, both at the caldera and at the Chin’toka branch of the Brew Continuum. A small group had gathered in the coffee shop for a chat at one point. During this time, one unfortunate Petty Officer fled in haste after burning her tongue in some hot cocoa. She then splattered the same chocolate all over her outfit.

Under the direction of Chief Helm Officer Lt.Cmdr. Cadfael Peters and a few officers also took advantage of the downtime to refresh their pilot credentials.

Friendly faces returned to the colony; Lt.Cmdrs. Chythar Skyfire and Lael Rosek-Skyfire returned from their honeymoon. Lt. Valin Dermont, the former USS Atlantis Chief Engineer, has also joined the crew as an engineer on the Chin’toka.

Written by Jaelyne Isa

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