Away teams from the USS Juneau escape pirates under the cover of chaos

Away teams from the USS Juneau escape pirates under the cover of chaos

XUNOV SYSTEM – The USS Juneau’s away teams worked on their escape after completing their specific objectives of retrieving the stolen artefact and freeing the prisoners. As a fire broke out in the adjoining warehouse, both squads got past market security.

The subsequent panic allowed the crew to bypass security and return to their shuttles.

Lieutenant Tomas Falt’s team, entrusted with collecting the stolen artefact, slipped it back to the shuttle disguised as unnecessary trade items. Lieutenant Commander Kalia Qinn’s squad successfully traversed the market, capitalising on the turmoil caused by the flames, and returned to their shuttle. Due to shuttle capacity limits, they placed several rescued captives in the transporter buffer.

The Juneau was quickly prepared to hold the alien artefact as the away teams worked on a means to get their shuttles out of the bay. During this time, an older Groumal-class ship neared Juneau. After narrowly averting a collision, Major Zaaia Leix and Lieutenant Jon Kendrick beamed over to the ship to assist with the evacuation of the surviving crew.

Back on the moon, the security forces for the market were locking down the building to find who was behind the fires and breakout of the prisoners. Warrant Officer Gwen Kingsley gained remote control over several other shuttles in the bay and the two teams used them as covers to escape the bay and return to the Juneau.

The crew neutralised the artefact and rendered it safe for shipment thanks to the joint efforts of science and engineering, sending an ultimate message to the pirates that Starfleet had arrived in the area and would not tolerate their brand of anarchy and chaos.

The team prepared for a very spectacular promotion ceremony when the operation was completed. Captain Oddas Aria was to be promoted to Fleet Captain. Guests from all throughout Starfleet have gathered to celebrate the Captain’s birthday. Former Eagle and Juneau crew members attended, and Captain Roshanara Rahman, a partner project manager on the Capstone Project with Captain Oddas, brought the USS Kitty Hawk to join the celebration.

“You don’t get to organise a celebration like this for your own Captain every day,” Juneau Executive Officer Kalia Qinn remarked. “Captain Oddas has worked tremendously hard to make the Juneau the ship she is today; very few have deserved this accolade as she has.”

Written by Kalia Qinn

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