Awards Ceremony 2022 – Duty Post Awards

Awards Ceremony 2022 – Duty Post Awards

Welcome to the last day of the awards presentation, day four. We’ve already revealed the honourees of the General, Length of Service, Special, and Staff Awards this week. The duty post awards are presented today.

Each prize is focused on a particular department, ranging from the major ones like medical, operations, or engineering to the more obscure departments like diplomacy, intelligence, or marines. Even civilians have a chance to be acknowledged for the significant contributions that individuals who chose the way less travelled may make to our narrative.

Each of these prizes recognises a player who excels in simming their duty position. Because we only grant one prize per duty post each year, we selected only those who represented the duty post in an exemplary manner. As you can see from our list of winners, who range in rank from Ensign to Admiral, any player has the opportunity to be considered for one of these by constantly simming to the best of their abilities and striving to improve their vessel.

In closing this year’s awards ceremony, we’d like to thank the people who made this possible and make one final, special presentation. Our thanks and appreciation goes out to:

  • Every year, our incredible members submit fantastic, emotional nominations! It’s a joy to read them all and know how much love there is for absolutely everyone here. You’re the real MVPs.
  • The Awards Committee — composed of Commodore Kali Nicholotti, Captain Shedet, Captain Randal Shayne, Commander Kerrod Niac, and Lt Commander Alora DeVeau — who voted on the Duty Post and Special Awards. This is a delicate process that entails assessing all nominations for an award, as well as supporting references, and then selecting the candidate who best matches the attributes sought by the award.
  • The Deputy Award Facilitator — Commander Genkos Adea — who helped prep the awards nominations for review, compile materials for the awards ceremonies, posted alongside, and assisted with other tasks I tasked his taskiness with. Elliot put in a considerable amount of time, effort, witty Britishisms and tea to help ensure everything was accurate, prepared, and ready for awards day. His help has allowed the awards ceremony to continue to run like a Brit away from the Queen’s swans. Thanks, Elliot!
  • The commanding officers of the fleet, who put in a lot of time and effort to review the nominations for their ships and ensure that the right people are selected for awards, then write such beautiful words to accompany their presentation. They do their absolute best, every single year, for every single player.
  • All the first officers of our fleet, who voted on the staff awards, providing recommendations to the EC to determine the recipient of general awards where their CO was nominated, and writing awards presentations where needed.
  • Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf for founding this community 28 years ago and encouraging us to thrive in it, grow our own way, and all started when he was barely on the edge of seventeen. Heroes are hard to find, but here, he’s made a safe harbour for born enchanters, dreams, silver springs, and landslides. Big love, Chief!

Finally, here’s to an awesome 28th year within our wonderful ‘Fleet! Raise your mugs, get that toast going, and celebrate a fantastic future on the horizon!

Find out who this year’s duty post superstars are first by heading down to the forums today where you can read about and congratulate our talented award recipients!

The full awards ceremony will soon be posted on the wiki.

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