Amity Outpost’s support vessel USS Independence-B missing in gravity well

Amity Outpost’s support vessel USS Independence-B missing in gravity well

BAROSSA SECTOR – The Defiant class vessel is presumed stuck in an unusual gravity well located on the outer reaches of the Barossa Nebula. The USS Kitty Hawk is attempting recovery.

The Galaxy-class USS Kitty Hawk, captained by Roshanara Rahman, was initially delayed from launching on its first scientific exploration as part of its three-year ongoing mission. Ambassador Niarivi Vataix and her staff on Amity Outpost volunteered its primary support vessel the USS Independence-B to chart ahead for the Kitty Hawk and scout the greater reaches of the Barossa Nebula.

At the prearranged rendezvous point the Kitty Hawk’s crew encountered a gravity well. While it was not large enough to trap the ship, Acting Chief Science Officer Lt. Kivik surmised that it was likely the that the smaller Independence-B was not so fortunate.

Crew on the Kitty Hawk have experienced phenomena produced by the gravity well. These include tightly packed “bundles” of tachyon particles with unusual and as yet understood subspace attributes. These bundles have caused sickness in many of the crew, some causing vivid temporal hallucinations. Affected crewmen experience short moments of a possible alternative timeline.

“I experienced two hallucinations after I became sick from the gravity well’s effects,” said bubbly and enthusiastic science officer Ens. Finsen. “While the details of my hallucinations are personal and something I’d rather not share, they were ghastly and nightmarish. I wouldn’t wish them upon even my worst enemy!”

Capt. Rahman has launched a Class-6 probe into the gravity well to make an attempt to contact the USS-Independence-B. The probe split into multiple temporal versions of itself as it entered the well. It returned garbled information that science officers are trying to decode. Amity’s newest Starfleet addition Ens. Rhylan Ward along with Lt Kivik have created a treatment to protect the crew from the well’s effects. This will allow the Kitty Hawk to get closer to the gravity well so that Rahman and her crew can attempt a rescue of the Independence-B.

Written by Kit Ivanovic

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