Activity at Deep Space Nine wormhole increases following the disappearance of USS Thor

Activity at Deep Space Nine wormhole increases following the disappearance of USS Thor

OKAEA RESEARCH OUTPOST — Following two failed check-ins with Starfleet officials, the USS Thor (NCC-82607) was ordered to investigate the Okaea Research Outpost in the Gamma Quadrant. What appeared to be a milk run for the Vesta Class spaceship and its crew rapidly turned into a far more dangerous predicament.

Long-range sensors from Federation buoys in the region have discovered nothing remarkable so far, despite operating at tremendous range. Okaea itself contributes to the problem by containing a particular isotope in its atmosphere that interferes with most sensors and communications.

However, the loss of communication with an explorer class starship and a research station hints that something hazardous, if not nefarious, may be happening in the former dominion controlled system.

The Thor is mostly on its own in the sector due to the Federation’s scant presence. Despite this, recent Deep Space Nine reports show that the USS Oumuamua has travelled the wormhole into the region. This broadcast has piqued the curiosity of many starship observers who spend their spare time following and photographing spacecraft.

According to public data, the Oumuamua has not been assigned to any ongoing missions. This implied that by sending the ship to the Gamma Quadrant, they hurried the vessel back into duty, most likely with a skeleton crew.

“I’ve traced a slew of Luna classes across Federation space,” one of the spaceship observers, James Trunbacher, said. “I even got a few decent shots of one in dry dock. I’ve never seen one go through a refurbishment cycle and then launch that swiftly before. There’s no chance they finished the task they were doing. No, something is occurring out there that necessitates the immediate deployment of a spaceship.”

According to Gamma Quadrant reports, the USS Oumuamua is now en route to the Okaea System, but the fate of the Thor is unknown.


Written by Wes Greaves

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