A scientific curiosity in the Jentaris Cloud results in the disappearance of the USS Rahuba

A scientific curiosity in the Jentaris Cloud results in the disappearance of the USS Rahuba

JENATRIS CLOUD – The region was known for its chaotic activity and peculiar composition, and it held far too many bizarre events. The crew of Starbase 118 Ops was despatched on the USS Rahuba (NCC-70655) and the ship launched to investigate and get an insight into the peculiar anomaly when it disappeared into thin air.

Historical archives showed that an anomaly emerged every 186 years, but it was only during the last decade that Starfleet had a steady presence in the region, allowing investigation of this occurrence.

“My aim is that they can investigate this phenomena and get significant insights that the Federation can build on for the next 106 years,” Commodore Sal Taybrim said when questioned about the objective of the scientific endeavour.

What was supposed to be a standard scientific investigation morphed into a missing person’s case. Scans on the base revealed that the anomaly caused a spike, and that as it passed, the Rahuba vanished.

“It simply disappeared,” said an officer who asked to remain nameless. “One minute it was there, and the next it was gone. There’s no debris, so as far as we can tell, the Rahuba was not destroyed; it’s simply gone.”

However, with the removal of the Rahuba came the apparition of another spacecraft, one extremely different from Starfleet. According to sources, the vessel is mostly made of biological materials, and Taybrim personally launched the USS Aegis (NCC-74323) to assess the situation and organise a rescue attempt.

When queried about the bizarre spacecraft, Lieutenant Hurinin stated, “I’ve never seen anything exactly like that. It’s made up of both mechanical and plant life that somehow work together to form a functional ship.”

Regardless of how excited everyone is to find out who or what is aboard that ship, the greater issue remains: where did the Rahuba go? Will the Aegis be able to locate the lost ship and crew?

More on this story will be added as it develops.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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