USS Thor quests for the long lost USS Excalibur

USS Thor quests for the long lost USS Excalibur


61 CYGNI SYSTEM — Following up on reported sightings of the space-borne organism known as ‘Gomtuu’, the USS Thor (NCC-82607) received an intermittent distress call originating from the USS Excalibur, a Cardenas class ship thought lost during the height of the Klingon/Federation war of the 2260s.

Marine Captain Wes Greaves led the away team which surveyed the intact wreckage, discovering numerous surprises.

“It’s strange being on a wreck like the Excalibur,” Greaves offered several insights on the vessel itself. “She’s a federation starship through and through. The hull’s intact. Conduits and consoles are there. Heck, even desks and chairs are relatively untouched… but the only inhabitants left are the vines and little plants that found a way in. Nature really took the old girl over, and there’s something eerie about walking the vine-covered halls of an old ship. It’s both natural and unnatural at the same time.”

While his team explored the wreckage of the Excalibur, Chief Medical Officer Lt. Alieth took charge of a team exploring a series of unusual ruins nearby. Forced to seek cover during intense seismic activity, the away team stumbled upon a discovery of their own.

“We sheltered inside a cavern system that proved to be non-natural, so the only reasonable course of action was to explore them. Once inside, our security officer, Ensign Richards, spotted the first markings. Of course, the resemblance to ancient Starfleet symbols required even further subterranean exploration… and so we reached the hidden city of Calabrum.”

The slight Vulcan medical officer tilted her head peculiarly before adding, “As humans say, the rest is history”.

While the investigation on the ground was ongoing, the Thor’s Marine fighter contingent tasked with reconnoitring the 61 Cygni system, came under fire from a small constellation of antique orbital weapons platforms. Rumours of Klingon weapon signatures are presently being investigated, as is the whereabouts of Commander Geoffrey Teller’s away team.


Written by Geoffrey Teller

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