USS Thor consumed by newly discovered cosmozoan

USS Thor consumed by newly discovered cosmozoan

SORACH SYSTEM, DELTA QUADRANT – While conducting a survey of the Sorach System, the USS Thor (NCC-82607) encountered an, as of yet, unknown space-faring entity.

According to early reports, the creature was surrounded by significant temporal anomalies and looked to be in some kind of subspace. While investigating the entity, the beast engulfed the Thor, and the spacecraft has not been heard from since.

A vast debris field of hundreds of thousands of abandoned spacecraft may be found in the Sorach System. The system is nicknamed as The Graveyard by locals, although nothing more is known about the location.

The Thor’s crew dispatched numerous away teams to map the debris field before losing touch with the ship. Our reporters’ contacts accounted for both groups, yet there are still temporal abnormalities.

Thor’s Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant Commander Ben Garcia, headed one of the away teams.

“We went through two search grids before delving into a temporal flux that threw our clock for a loop,” Garcia said from the Tigris, a runabout stationed onboard the Thor. “I’ve requested clarity on piloting hours: it’s unclear whether the numerous decades we’ve flown implies we’ve exceeded our flying hours, causing us to exit the survey.

“I doubt I’ll receive a response until we figure out where the two warships near our starboard bow just come from. Oh, and if you see the Thor, please contact them as soon as possible.”

At the time of publication, temporal irregularities in the Sorach System were still being recorded, and long-range sensors had spotted two additional vessels in the debris field. Carbon analysis has dated the mysterious newcomers to more than a millennium ago.


Written by Wes Greaves

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