USS Thor conducts Amity Outpost Senior staff to the Delta Quadrant

USS Thor conducts Amity Outpost Senior staff to the Delta Quadrant

DEEP SPACE, BEYOND THE FEDERATION FRONTIER — Following a special ceremony led by Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu, newly minted Federation Ambassador Niarivi Vataix, Daughter of the Eleventh House of Betazed and her senior staff boarded the USS Thor (NCC-82607) for the month-long journey to Amity Outpost in the Delta Quadrant.

The Starfleet vessel Thor, specifically designed for long-range travel at quantum slipstream velocities, completed a journey of nearly forty thousand light-years and earned the unique distinction of being the only serving vessel in Starfleet to have visited both the Gamma and Delta Quadrant.

The crews of Amity Outpost and the Thor enthusiastically mixed as they shared the voyage, and several activities among the senior officers of both installations gained ship-wide notoriety. Included among these are the first Transquadrant Bowling Tournament, hosted in the Thor’s own Hammers Alley, and a spa day in the Asgard Spa with Ambassador Vatarix herself.

However, the event that seems likely to gain the title of Most Whispered-About on the lower decks was a dinner in the Thor’s Great Hall for the junior officers of the Thor and Amity Outpost, hosted by Commodore Kells.

The officers themselves have been tight-lipped about the event, and Kells would only say, afterwards, that the event “had been an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and experiences between the two crews. We are at our best when we collaborate, and this journey has demonstrated this important pillar of Federation ethos.”

At the time of writing, we could not verify the reports that the Thor’s Junior Officer Protection Association had pranked members of that ship’s senior staff.

Written by Geoffrey Teller

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