USS Thor bends Prime Directive to the breaking point

USS Thor bends Prime Directive to the breaking point


CALABRUM, 61 CYGNI SYSTEM – The shock discovery of a vibrant medieval culture descended from Starfleet survivors should have been the biggest challenge thrust upon the crew of the USS Thor.

But a Klingon led army, the imminent eruption of a nearby volcano and the Prime Directive itself all stand in the way of the Thors surreptitious rescue mission.

Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller, injured in one of the first Klingon attacks, had this to say about conditions on the ground.

“Pancakes aren’t until Thursday, Your Majesty.” Teller babbled from his bed in Sickbay, having notably suffered his eleventh concussion. After comprehensive medical treatment, a more coherent Commander contributed his impressions. “A targ the size of a damn shuttle licked me… things aren’t great.”

With the Prime Directive firmly in mind and only a few days, until the erupting volcano consumed the entire kingdom, Fleet Captain Aron Kells contacted Queen Arta Du Pendragon, leader of the thriving survivors of the USS Excalibur and a large population of indigenous peoples.

Together, they concluded the city must fall to contain the cultural contamination, but not before someone could safely relocate her people. Rumours that the Thor intends to tow the derelict Excalibur as an ‘ark’ could not be confirmed before press time.


Written by Geoffrey Teller

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