Thor and Nashira clash during exercise in Chin’Toka system

Thor and Nashira clash during exercise in Chin’Toka system


CHIN’TOKA SYSTEM — As part of an ongoing effort to hone Starfleet’s tactical edge, the USS Thor (NCC-82607) arrived at the historic Chin’Toka system to face off with one of the fleet’s most radically designed vessels since the original Defiant-class entered service.

The USS Nashira, an Altair class frigate commanded by the legendary Commodore Ossa V’Airu, will pit speed and tactics against the Thor’s weaponry and complexity.

Starfleet considers war games to be critical to maintaining the preparedness of every vessel in the fleet. With the crews of the ships engaged, reduced to skeleton crews and cannibalised, the Thor furnished both the Nashira and itself with senior staff.

Critics inside the Federation raised concern over two Federation starships engaging in battle with one another, even in simulated settings. Responding almost immediately to their concerns, Commander Nevina of Starfleet Public Affairs released a statement.

“In every military conflict in which the Federation has been involved, our vessels have been under-manned and replaced by last-minute reinforcements. It’s an unpleasant and uncomfortable truth, but our combat exercises must reflect it.”

Starfleet Command is adamant that such drills are essential to the Federation’s long-term prosperity.

The officers who are currently experiencing this reality, on the other hand, have varied perspectives on the shakeup. “I can see the usefulness of the exercise,” said Lieutenant Junior Grade Katsim Peri, who is now serving as a scientific officer onboard the Nashira. ”However, I would like to learn how to deescalate conflict.”

“Every fight I’ve been in, there’s someone cartwheeling into the wall or moaning horribly behind you,” recalls Lieutenant Commander Ben Garcia, the Nashira’s temporary helm officer, who was more enthused about the exercise’s design. “It’s wonderful to have a smaller team, you know? Fewer distractions. Plus, complaints about adverse manoeuvres are down by 63% – which is great for my pilot’s licence.”

The Federation’s interested observers kept a careful eye on the drill as it progressed. Although the engagement has already started, the exercise is at risk. As a strong neutronic storm seemed to near the Chin’Toka system, sector leadership considered cancelling the drill.


Written by Wes Greaves

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