USS Chin’toka Discovers Ancient Chon Artifact; Begins Mapping Mission

USS Chin’toka Discovers Ancient Chon Artifact; Begins Mapping Mission

KROTAR SYSTEM — After escaping the civil unrest on Tibro and making a significant discovery of an ancient Chon artefact, the USS Chin’toka (NCC­-97187) is now engaged in the cartography of the Krotar System.

The crew of the USS Chin’toka is now engaged in a fairly routine survey mission of the Krotar System after what is reportedly being described as both harrowing and exciting missions on Tibro. Capt. Mei’konda Delano and his team returned to the ship in safety, with only a few minor injuries after being caught in the middle of a reported coup attempt.

The most significant injury seems to have been that of Lt. JG Lephi, the Ferengi Assistant Chief Engineer, who suffered partial hearing loss.

Meanwhile, Chief Operations Officer, Lt. Cmdr Esa Kiax, led a team of scientists to one of the planet’s dig sites, where they seem to have made a significant discovery of an artefact that purportedly traces back to the ancient Chon Empire. Details of the artefact are unknown, however, Kiax and her team are excited about its discovery.

Following the safe return of all personnel, the Chin’toka set out for their next mission, mapping the Krotar System. Expected to be a rather ordinary mission, though at one point they raised an alert about a potential first contact situation.

“An energy being visited me, one living inside the nebula,” said Dr Elizabeth Snow. “They’re curious about us, as they have never seen ‘creatures’ such as us. They went through the personnel files and they saw I was a doctor, so they chose me to answer their questions. I don’t believe they’re hostile. Just curious.”

Scientific and engineering studies are being conducted, not only in the surrounding region but also in other routine experiments to help with the ever-growing need for newer and better technology. The coffee franchise, Brew Continuum, might open a new location onboard the Chin’toka soon.


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