Ownership claims of the planet finally settled by the crew of the USS Juneau

Ownership claims of the planet finally settled by the crew of the USS Juneau

ATURN VI — On the Golden Feather, the ship of the DaiMon Kaybay, who attempted to assert his dominance and ownership of the planet, was the missing team from the USS Juneau (NX-99801).

The team comprised officers LtCmdr. T’Lea, Lt. JG Rel Cassi and Ens. John Kendrick.

The crew still on the Juneau began preparations for what may become a space battle with a board action preemptively strike at the Golden Feather’s computer systems, by introducing adjustments to the lightning and gravity on several decks as a distraction effort.

Meanwhile, on the surface of Aturn VII Major Kiran Han, Ensign Dekas and the Jem’Hadar second made their way back to the encampment. Local fauna littered the way back, first frightening away a group of omnivores before a colossal vegetarian creature attacked the group. The team neutralized the animal before continuing.

Engineer Dekas theorized an unseen presence agitated the local wildlife into their current state. However, the team did successfully make it back to the burgeoning colony of Jem’Hadar and Captain Oddas. Oddas invited the Vulcan Strapek to join them on the surface of the planet since it was a former business location of his to see if Strapek could shed any light on the situation with Kaybay.

“Partly because of the computer malfunctions created by the Juneau and the away teams’ own escape attempt, the DaiMon had no other choice but to beam over to the Juneau and begin negotiations to settle the issues at hand.”

The team on the surface explored the mines, finding a stolen force field console that was disrupting the wildlife on the planet.

Thanks to the help of DaiMon Kaybay, and information from T’Lea gained in the mines, the Juneau reached not only their crew deep underground but also coordinated with the Captain to make their escape. After disabling the force field, a large subterranean life-form, normally held back by the energy field, invaded the complex.

With everyone on board, trade talks began, while the crew of the Juneau earned itself a well-deserved round of shore leave.


Written by Cassian Iovianus

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