Announcing the Halloween Avatar Contest Image Creators Badge

Announcing the Halloween Avatar Contest Image Creators Badge

Every year, we come together during our annual Halloween Avatar Contest on the forums to celebrate the festive season with a bout of hilarity and mischief, creativity and pazazz. It’s long been an occasion to have some fun with a theme and participate as a ship with a cool created avatar collection to wow and ignite inspiration.

In commemoration for the remarkable entries of increasing creativity from all corners of the fleet, we’re pleased to announce a new badge — the Halloween Avatar Contest Image Creator’s badge!

Halloween Avatar Contest Image Creator Badge

This epic badge of epic proportions recognises the members among us who design and create the avatars for the contest for each ship to take part. To be awarded this badge, members must be active and in good standing when they create the avatars for their (or another) ship.

Our first recipients are the 2021 image creators:

  • Oddas Aria
  • Aine Sherlock
  • Isaiah Andrews
  • Alieth
  • Alora DeVeau
  • Jo Marshall
  • Serala
  • Ikaia Wong
  • Geoffrey Teller

Thank you to all the talented creators from around the Fleet for making the contest such a vibrant and fun contest!

Click here to see all the entries from our recent Halloween Avatar Contest 2021 on the wiki, as well as view all the outstanding previous entries from the decade we’ve been running this for. 

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