Crew of USS Resolution celebrates the Bajoran Gratitude Festival

Crew of USS Resolution celebrates the Bajoran Gratitude Festival

JALANDA CITY — After a deadly confrontation with a Q called “CloQ,” the senior staff of the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) enjoyed a brief period of rest and relaxation in Jalanda City on Bajor.

Though Bajor is typically outside the Resolution’s base of operations in the Borderlands, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti managed to secure passage for the crew on the USS Excalibur-A, a Vesta-class vessel equipped with a Quantum Slipstream Drive.

The visit coincided with the Bajoran Gratitude Festival in Jalanda City. Crew members participated in the festivities which included street festivals, shopping, and a visit to an immersive museum of the life of Captain Benjamin Sisko called, “The Emissary’s Experience Extravaganza.”

The command staff celebrated the crew’s accomplishments from their previous mission by holding a reception in a private pavilion in the city’s centre, which saw several promotions and awards distributed.

Immediately following the ceremony, Nicholotti revealed a serious medical condition that has caused her to relive events from her past. The staff determined that she will remain on the Excalibur for extensive medical examination, to be conducted by the Resolution’s first officer Dr Addison MacKenzie.

The Resolution will return to the Borderlands under the temporary command of the second officer and chief medical officer Genkos Adea. The ship set course to respond to a distress signal from the Rinascita Research Station. A signal was issued by the station’s chief medical officer who indicated they needed assistance but did not specify details before something cut off the transmission.

When asked about his feelings regarding his temporary command promotion, Adea said, “It’s only a distress signal, what’s the worst that can happen?”


Written by Addison MacKenzie

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