Crew of USS Resolution assists with refugee relocation

Crew of USS Resolution assists with refugee relocation

OREEN V — During their shore leave, several members of the crew of the USS Resolution (NCC-78145) engaged in a humanitarian attempt to redeploy a group of Romulan refugees.

When both ships crashed on the Skarn homeworld in the Briar Patch, the crew of the Resolution rescued the Romulans. The refugees travelled across a perilous region of space in quest of a new home after their ship was assaulted by the Skarn.

The migrants selected Oreen V as their permanent destination. It appeared the planet already housed a small group of Romulans who established a colony after the Hobus supernova. Despite its rudimentary status, the colony is now receiving assistance from the Federation.

Several members of the Resolution’s senior staff, including commanding officer Kalianna Nicholotti and first officer Addison MacKenzie, offered to spend their shore leave helping to develop the colony as part of the evacuation effort.

“It felt great to be able to give back and demonstrate what the Federation is all about,” Nicholotti noted.

While on Oreen V, the Resolution crew built a new habitation module to house the surge of refugees, placed bio-beds in the colony’s medical facility, and gave more training to the Romulan medical personnel.

“Their medical facility, like much of the colony, was quite primitive,” MacKenzie added. “However, I believe that with this equipment and the training we can give, they will be in a much better position to provide proper care to their patients.”

The Starfleet crew returned to Deep Space 224 just as engineers completed the Resolution’s final repairs, and the ship and her crew would shortly leave on their next duty.


Written by Addison MacKenzie

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