Crew of the Arrow reclaims their own lives following a body swap

Crew of the Arrow reclaims their own lives following a body swap

DEEP SPACE 3 — After securing the trust and cooperation of the ultra-conservative Gentii species, the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) took shore leave on Starfleet station Deep Space 3.

A recent probe malfunction inexplicably “body swapped” Arrow crew members, displacing their brainwaves into those of their friends and colleagues.

To prevent additional diplomatic embarrassment, the species granted the ship’s crew a second chance to impress the Gentii species by participating in the ‘Bairiri’ — a bonding of the two organisations via displays of dance, music, poetry, and sporting prowess.

Tensions were understandably high following the incident as the crew adjusted to life in their own bodies and sought to come to grips with the breach of privacy caused by the body swap.

“The crew is quite nervous following the event,” Junior Counselor Crewman Uma Anastakosis stated. “Waking up in someone else’s body is incredibly frightening for both parties. I spent time inside the body of a seven-foot Brikar… That is not something that can be easily forgotten! Chief Counselor R’Ariel has planned round-the-clock counselling sessions for all crew members, and we are certain that we will make sense of the incident in due time.”

Despite the heightened tensions, the crew took a well-deserved shore leave on Deep Space 3, which is close to Cait’s homeworld and The Shoals region. The Arrow senior crew were already making the most of their spare time at the station.

Ensign Maria Alvarez, assisted by senior engineer Lieutenant JG Lase Ander, sought spare components in order to construct their own holodeck. To obtain some of the more unusual components, creative thought and prudent expenditure were necessary.

Lieutenant Commanders Quentin Collins and Maz Rodan favoured a more peaceful retreat. To ground themselves following the unusual event aboard the ship, the duo spent some time chatting about their homes and experiences.

While moored, life on the Arrow gradually returned to normal, with medical exams and crew rotations taking place.


Written by Maz Rodan

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