Chin’toka seeks refuge in a gas giant amid emergency repairs

Chin’toka seeks refuge in a gas giant amid emergency repairs

JENATRIS CLOUD — After successfully repelling another attack by Valcarian forces, the Par’tha Expanse colonization fleet, led by USS Chin’toka (NCC97187), took refuge inside a gas giant to begin repairs.

Despite careful preparations, the Par’tha Expanse Colonization Fleet was attacked again by forces from the Valcarian Imperial Republic, as expected. The fleet, led by Capt. Mei’konda Delano of the Chin’toka, redirected their route into the nebulous depths of the Jenatris Cloud, a decision that many consider dangerous owing to the myriad threats present within the Cloud.

“The plan was to avoid the apparent route through the Jenatris Corridor,” Cmdr. Serala explained. “Where we were reasonably convinced the Valcarians would be waiting.”

However, five days into their covert journey, the enemy forces tracked them down and unleashed a devastating attack on the colony fleet. The Chin’toka and the USS Yanktonai (NCC-67205) were both severely damaged, as was one of the ageing freighters, the SS Thalzed.

Furthermore, the Chin’toka suffered a hull breach when a Valcarian Assault shuttle penetrated her side and released many Valcarian infantry to launch a boarding assault. According to reports, up to thirty troops forced their way onboard the Akira-class spacecraft, and the crew despatched security personnel to deal with them. Serala arrived to the shuttle in time to prevent the shuttle from self-destructing, which would have further damaged the spaceship.

The Yanktonai suffered the most catastrophic damage when a Valcarian fighter craft crashed with their starboard hull, destroying many decks in that area of the ship. The USS Diligent (NX-87651), led by Cmdr. Evan Delano, escaped with very minimal damage and took a more defensive attitude in light of the damage sustained by the other two Starfleet warships.

Following the heated combat, the Valcarians were forced to retreat once more, and Mei’konda led the fleet into the atmosphere of a gas giant discovered within the nebula while they carried emergency repairs out.

The Thalzed’s ageing nature necessitated the dispatch of a team to locate adequate pergium to aid in the freighter’s repairs, and Serala led a small away team to the closest moon of the gas giant to seek a pergium deposit of sufficient amount. Their departure was not unnoticed, and the crew was ambushed by Valcarian soldiers in the end.

Their present situation is unclear.

Written by Serala

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