Get inspired to write awards nominations with these great examples

Get inspired to write awards nominations with these great examples

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for Awards! Great nominations for your crewmates and drum beats from across the fleet show your appreciation for a job well done. Inspiring sims coming from inspiring people, and to that end, we want to help you get the best out of your nominations to fuel that raging inferno of energy and enthusiasm.

Below are some of the best nominations we had during last year’s ceremony that stoked that fire for a win.

Ready to get started? Click here to open the award nomination panel. You’ll find full instructions, including a link to a list of all the awards and their descriptions.


Chief’s Citation Award Nomination for Randal Shayne:

“One need only look at all the activities Shayne has taken part in recently to establish they are one of our fleet’s strongest Commanders: FNS Co-Facilitator, active member of the Training Team, Poll of the Week Co-Facilitator, Awards Committee member, Advanced Starship Design Bureau member, and now they are heading up the Picard canon committee. Randal Shayne is a valuable asset to 118, Captains Council, and no doubt as the USS Juneau’s XO. They are a joy to work with OOC and set a high standard for other Commanders to work toward.”


B-Plot Award Nomination for Ravenna Carter:

“Never one to shy away from drama, we have been able to get an in-depth look into Ravenna’s backstory and into her complicated relationships with the members of her family. Through thoughtful and well-executed sims, we have seen her delve into the complex feelings surrounding her late father, her cold-hearted step-mother, and her half-brother who now serves aboard the Constitution as a PNPC. We have also seen her navigate complicated personal relationships with other players. I believe that she is a strongly written character whose perspectives and flaws are believable and well explored through both reflective writing and interactions with other writers.”


Sheathed Sword Award Nomination for Roshanara Rahman

“It was as if the entire side of her face had been healed overnight. Even her left arm no longer bore the marks of the accident aboard the Tempest. No one would know looking at her that anything was wrong except for the tears that streamed down the unblemished skin of her face.”

In some ways, this is a retrospective nomination for Roshanara Rahman. For fourteen years, she had a distinctive burn mark on her face from plasma coolant exposure – just as distinctive as her Kriosian spots. Over time, she had made it part of who she was, proud to display it after initially trying to hide it. But this nomination is still relevant to the current awards period. That’s because when Roshanara went “home” to Krios Prime, her scars mysteriously disappeared overnight. 14 years after the initial accident, this seems to have hurt her more emotionally than the original burn marks did physically. Roshanara showed us how attached to them she had become, how brave they had made her, and how upset she was and vulnerable she felt for losing them. It also showed us that the Veritas captain is definitely “Roshanara”, and not “Nadira”. That is worth cheering for.

“But for fourteen years, I carried them with me. It’s not something I can just let go overnight.” For those emotional scars that have replaced Roshanara’s physical scars, I nominate Roshanara Rahman for the Sheathed-Sword.”


Natasha Yar Pin Nomination for Samira Neathler:

“Samira is the epitome of security and tactical chief officer, rising from strength to strength over the past twelve months. She plays the Chief exceedingly well, not only in the greeting of her colleagues and subordinates but how she approaches the meticulous nature of security based on the starship. Without stepping on the toes of other departments, she ensures Security and Tactical feel as alive as they should; is involved in everything on the ship it should be, and is the gold standard for how a security officer should be summed. Her plot twists always feel lively and involve everyone, ensuring she projects this air of confidence in her position while simultaneously incorporating the character’s confidence.”


Luminary Award Nomination for Alieth:

“I’ll start this nomination with an odd confession – when newly graduated, I was originally hesitant to accept Ensign Alieth as a crew member for the Embassy. I had only just begun to get my hands around the challenging situation that existed there and did not think it was entirely wise to throw almost an entire academy class worth of new people into the mix. I’ll say it now for all posterity – I was wrong. Comprehensively & Completely. Along with her classmates, Alieth has quickly become a vital member of our crew and I cannot imagine the Thor today being as successful without her.

Alieth (Andrea) is a rare combination of values, talent & an enthusiasm that I believe makes her not only ideal as a member of our group, but someone I am all but certain will be a future leader here. She has taken a fairly cliche character (a Vulcan medical doctor) and quickly made her something distinct and unique, with a real sense of personality and growth. She has quickly formed a rapport IC & OOC with the majority of the crew and has already been an OOC leader on our Wiki project (for which I’ve nominated her work for the Sarpedeon Ribbon) and as part of the image collective new ship patch initiative.

For my own part, Andrea has quickly become a highlight of the crew. She deeply understands the type of community we’ve tried to foster here and is already a welcoming voice to new cadets in our Discord channel. I believe that she is exactly the type of person we hope to embrace, and I sincerely believe that she has already made a contribution to the fleet that should be lauded.”


Click here to start your award nominations now! Nominations close on Thursday, June 10 at 11:45pm Pacific time.

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