USS Thor Prevents Ecological Disaster, Colonial Governor Deposed Amid Corruption Allegations

USS Thor Prevents Ecological Disaster, Colonial Governor Deposed Amid Corruption Allegations


NEW BAJOR, GAMMA QUADRANT — Following the attempted assassination of Fleet Captain Aron Kells, the crew of the USS Thor unravelled a complex web of arms trafficking and political corruption while averting an ecological disaster that would have forever doomed the young colony.
Instrumental in the Thor’s successful decontamination of the planetary water supply, Lt. Quen Deena, one of several Bajoran officers serving on the Thor, had this to say.
“I can’t believe Bajorans could just do something like this to other Bajorans. After all this colony went through to get started – after all we’ve been through as a people, we should be beyond doing this kind of thing to each other. Still, I’m glad we got there in time to stop it, and in time to help the planet heal.”
While the Thor eliminated poison from the biosphere, an away team led by Commander Geoffrey Teller removed another contaminant from New Bajor in the personage of Governor Tidak Beru. Tidak was placed under arrest for his complicity in the attack on Kells and stripped of office following a vote of no confidence by the New Bajor Ministerial Council. The now-former Governor attempted to spin the issue as Starfleet Marine personnel led him away.
“This is absolutely absurd! It was a pre-planned political spectacle, simple as that! I will appeal this decision as soon as I find legal counsel, and I won’t lose in Federation court. There will be a recount!”
Appointed to the Governorship by a unanimous vote of the council, former Agricultural Secretary Velos Tan has already pledged swift action on the many challenges left in her predecessor’s wake.
“Our world is ours again, and now it is our collective responsibility to heal it. We must do so together, while we renew the bonds of community and culture, or we will have won a great battle only to lose the greater war. I call upon every citizen to look to your neighbours with kindness and compassion in the challenging days ahead, sure in the knowledge that a unified New Bajor will bloom again one day soon.”
As large-scale planetary cleanup operations are underway, the USS Thor remains in orbit to assist in the efforts while the crew take hard-earned shore leave with the gracious thanks of the colonial government.
Written by Geoffrey Teller

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