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USS Thor Makes Startling Discoveries, Fate Of Away Team And Colonists Hangs In The Balance

VEL MEIJAN, YSYDEN NEBULA — The USS Thor (NCC 82607), hanging in orbit above the long lost colony world known as Vel Meijan, is in a desperate race to save nearly 200 surviving colonists from vanishing into time and stranding an away team along with it.

As conditions in the nebula continued to deteriorate, critical systems across the ship were pushed to their limits.

“These systems were never meant to handle that level of temporal interference, but they are holding up under the strain well,” said QSD specialist Lt JG Kortho Yang of Thor’s specialized shielding system, originally designed for the hazards of the Typhon Expanse.

Meanwhile, trapped miles beneath the surface of the unstable world, an away team led by first officer Lt. Cmdr. Geoffrey Teller made a startling discovery. The colonists, led by Ellen Flynn, a descendant of original colony leader Hunter Flynn, had only experienced the passage of approximately seventy years of linear time. The revelation that they had fallen hundreds of years into the future was jarring to many colonists.

“Shocked. You’d think, but no. Not at first,” explained Rick Armiger, the group’s only doctor. “See, in truth, I thought they’d [Editor’s Note: The Starfleet Team] fried the sync to their chronometer – they were a scatty lot that came to investigate our distress call, and they had a hob-botch of equipment. More numb. Yes. When it finally sunk in I felt numb. I mean, I only really thought about it when I found out the Thor had a bar – then I got really angry, you know? All the medical shipments I never received – years’ worth! Imagine!”

In an earlier attempt to recover the team, the crew of the USS Thor received an unexpected guest in the form of an intelligence tunnelling creature, previously native to the planet. Flt. Cpt. Kells, along with members of his science team, has opened a dialogue with the alien in the hopes of working towards an equitable solution for both the colonists & the Azcou, as they are known.

At press time, the Thor is attempting to buy time for the team on the surface to recover a set of transporter pattern enhancers that will allow the colonists a means of escape before the planet slips away.

More on this story as it develops.


Written by Geoffrey Teller

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