USS Arrow Targeted in Daring Pirate Raid Amid Captain’s Conference

USS Arrow Targeted in Daring Pirate Raid Amid Captain’s Conference

ATLAS BASE, THE ALPHA ISLES — While playing host to several local Isles captains, the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) found itself the target of a boisterous executed raiding attempt by Alpha Quadrant pirates.
During Commander Randal Shayne’s proposed “meeting of the minds”, the crew of the USS Arrow, and several representatives from the local collection of ships that have recently made calls to Atlas Base, repelled boarding parties.
A flamboyant but dangerous pirate Captain Eru Ghant, and a habitual privateer and wanted criminal through the galaxy led boarding parties to the ship for the conference. Sources, confirmed by mission reports, say roughly an hour and a half into the meeting, Ghant deployed a small explosive charge, sealing the Arrow’s conference room to take Commander Shayne (or one of the invited other dignitaries) hostage.
Quickly it became apparent that the captain had been in contact with several ground teams as well, as firefighting centred on an Arrow away team soon thereafter erupted on the surface of Theta 122. They, too, intended to take hostages.
“Things looked bleak for a bit, I have to say,” said Ensign Blue Terriro of the Arrow’s Security department. “We didn’t know if the Captain was still alive for a bit. Or if the XO had even made it off the surface of the planet. But once we made our stand in Engineering, and the Chief, Alvarez, and Wilde took it to that cheap-shottin’ pirate in the Cargo Bay? We showed them they weren’t just going to roll up to take OUR ship away from us.”
The interior fighting and brief ship-to-ship battle between the Arrow and the pirate’s vessel dubbed the Razor’s Edge, lasted a little over four hours. And though a few casualties were reported aboard the ship, morale seems high for the embattled vessel heading into their leave.
The same cannot be said for their erstwhile hosts, Atlas Base and Theta 122.
When approached for comment, Atlas Base Director Frederick Immelmann said, “While we appreciate the Arrow crew’s repair of our water treatment facility and their speedy apprehension of criminals who had infiltrated one of our work crews, we will NOT stand for any of their reckless adventurism throughout our sector space. Nor will we tolerate their bringing once more the perils and politics of the inner systems to our haven of research and study.”
More on this story as it develops.
Written by Quentin Collins

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