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USS Arrow Plays Host to Tense Negotiations Amid Surface Operations

THETA 122, THE ALPHA ISLES — Newly installed Alpha Quadrant patrol ship USS Arrow (NCC-69829) recently hosted to several Alpha Quadrant leaders while conducting operations on nearby Theta 122.

Hoping to restore sector space to a more stable climate, Federation officials, led by Commander Randal Shayne, hosted captains and dignitaries from the amassed refugee ships that had recently arrived at Atlas Base. All in the effort to discuss a longer-lasting armistice for the region and establish lasting trade and diplomatic channels between the disparate ships and races.

As a further gesture of goodwill to the embattled Base and its home Theta 122, the Commander also dispatched two away teams to the planet’s surface. One tasked to repair the facility’s Water Treatment Facility comprised First Officer LtCmdr Quentin Collins, Chief of Security Lt Artinus Serinus, LtJG Charlotte DeBarres, and Engineer LtJG Keneth Nakada.

The second team dispatched to investigate a gravimetric anomaly detected during the ship and flotilla ongoing survey efforts of Theta 122 involved Chief Science Officer Commander Maxwell Traenor as the lead, Helmsman LtJG Chloe Waters, and Research Specialist Ensign Hayley Caden.

Both missions hope, along with the talks with representatives from the Ferenginar, Caldonian science guilds, and various “independent” ships throughout the region, to engender positive influence for the former warship in the chaotic zone.

“People here have been looking sideways at us from the jump,” explained Ensign Rachel Conway of the Arrow’s Security Department, assigned as part of the incoming conference’s Security detail. “We keep saying we are here to help and now we have some proper actions to show we aren’t lyin’. Both up here with the delegates and down on Theta. Maybe after all that people can stop cutting their eyes at us when we walk into rooms.”

Atlas Base officials declined to comment explicitly on the conference but said they appreciated Commander Shayne’s continued support of their Base’s repairs and further grown Base infrastructure, such as a series of recently installed long-range communication buoys, allowing the Base contact with inner Alpha Quadrant systems for the first time since it’s installation.

As of this filing, both missions had started underway, and the assembled delegates had started the greeting process and initial talks, however, has made no real headway across the three fronts.
We will bring you more on this story as updates become available.


Written by Quentin Collins

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