USS Arrow Arrives at Atlas Base to Find Scores of Galactic Refugees

USS Arrow Arrives at Atlas Base to Find Scores of Galactic Refugees

ALPHA ISLES, ALPHA QUADRANT — Upon making official contact with secluded Alpha Quadrant outpost Atlas Base, the sight of 100 ships greeted the USS Arrow (NCC-69829), all seeking aid.
The ships, ranging in affiliation and construction across various cultures from the Breen to even a decommissioned Romulan scout unit, shared one request. Aid, specifically from that of Atlas Base and the newly arrived Arrow.
Though this solved the mystery of the multiple sonic and subspace messages the ship and Starbase 821 had received some weeks ago, ship staff and Atlas leadership are still unsure how to cope with the sudden influx of refugees amid the ongoing repair efforts of the base itself, which are being supported by Captain Randal Shayne and the Arrow crew.
Atlas leadership also expressed concern on how rendering said aid would exacerbate already flaring tensions with the nearby Sheliak Corporate. Out of concern for both the Arrow crew and the newly aware envoys of the United Federation of Planets, the UFOP received a briefing on the Arrow and the Sheliak’s bracing first encounter.
“Obviously, we don’t want to start a galactic diplomatic incident out here,” said Petty Officer (1st Class) Tiana Ginellini of the Arrow’s Engineering department. Many engineers received temporary assignment to the repair effort on the badly damaged Atlas Base upon the ship’s arrival. “But when you have THAT many ships from THAT many sectors and races, all reaching out as one? Take notice. You can’t turn away from that. Regardless of how the rest of the Quadrant would see it. We’re Starfleet. We would have to do SOMETHING, right?”
Atlas leadership offered a terse “No comment” when asked about the ongoing repair efforts, the political climate of the planet the base occupies, and the massive transfer of the refugee ships to the planet’s surface, which at the time of this filing had only been 15% completed overall.
Silent also was the Federation Diplomatic Corps when asked about the viability of talks between the Federation and the Sheliak Corporate (which would then have to extend to the area’s next biggest population; the rapidly expanding Ferengi Alliance).
When pressed for comment, officials said only that they are in “preliminary — VERY preliminary — stages” of attempting contact between both powers, but no major resolutions or actions are decided.
As of now, the Arrow sits at grav-anchor above Atlas, overseeing repairs and rendering what aid it can to the dozens of errant crews now living there. No word as yet as to its next moves or larger status as a presence in the Alpha Quadrant.
More on this situation as it develops.
Written by Quentin Collins

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