Resolution Shore Leave Curtailed As Emergency Develops

Resolution Shore Leave Curtailed As Emergency Develops

STARBASE 118 — Originally scheduled for several weeks of shore leave on Starbase 118, an emergency transmission from Starfleet Command abruptly curtailed those plans, demanding an immediate recall of the USS Resolution crew.
While attending an awards ceremony and social gathering held by Fleet Captain Nicholotti to celebrate the completion of the Resolution’s first mission, First Officer Addison MacKenzie received the transmission from Admiral Bartameus.
According to MacKenzie, the Admiral outlined a dire situation involving a request for help from the Da’al, a non-violent, warp-capable species whose home world is in the Borderlands, near Klingon territory.
“The Da’al Prime Minister outlined a situation akin to a Klingon occupational force, including multiple vessels in orbit,” MacKenzie said. “We don’t know what the Klingons are up to, but whether they’re trying to annex the Da’al colonial worlds or subjugate their people, we intend to get to the bottom of it it.”
The Da’al claim total neutrality; they have previously expressed their desire to remain separate from both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. While the Da’al have achieved warp drive and have established several colonies on neighbouring planets, their tactical and military capabilities are significantly inferior to both the Klingons or Starfleet itself.
“Obviously, Starfleet wishes to avoid any confrontation with the Klingons,” MacKenzie said, “but we’ll view any hostile act against the Da’al as an aggressive act against the Federation, given that the Da’al appealed to us for our assistance.”
Attempts to re-establish communications with the Prime Minister of the Da’al have been unsuccessful.
Tasked with evaluating the situation and rendering aid, the Resolution is en route.
Written by Addison MacKenzie

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