New Staff Awards: “Elinor of Kanist Order of Excellence,” and the “Honor of the Admiralty”

New Staff Awards: “Elinor of Kanist Order of Excellence,” and the “Honor of the Admiralty”

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The Captains Council is excited to announce that two new awards have been introduced in the “Staff Awards” category for our 2020 ceremony:
Elinor of Kanist Order of ExcellenceHonor of the Admiralty award

Elinor of Kanist Order of Excellence

Named for one of UFOP: StarBase 118’s most significant founding members, this award recognizes those who have served the fleet as a staff member for at least 5 years, attained the rank of Rear Admiral or higher, previously been awarded the Picard Award and Staff Member of the Year Award, and continue to serve the fleet to the betterment of all members. This is the highest staff honor, celebrating longevity, dedication to the fleet, and the perseverance for wearing the Admiral’s belt.

Honor of the Admiralty

The highest award that can be conferred upon a UFOP: StarBase 118 staff member under the rank of Rear Admiral. This award recognizes those who have served as staff members for a minimum of five years in a multitude of disciplines. From facilitating our task forces, engaging with the Captains Council, and leading with the utmost dedication, these writers volunteer their time, effort, and skill to building our game and community and have comprehensively earned the respect and loyalty of members.
Both awards have been added to our Hall of Honor and the Awards Nomination Form.
We encourage all members to nominate the staff members who meet these qualifications as a show of support for their long service to our community.

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