Joyous shore leave takes over Starbase 118

Joyous shore leave takes over Starbase 118

STARBASE 118 OPS — The crew takes a breather and time for themselves before the grand plunder against a relentless foe, during this time they welcome many new officers eager to join the fight.
The crew of the infamous Starbase 118 rejoined after a serious of missions the crew separated to work at simultaneously. Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim walked away from the diplomatic table with a new ally within the Klingon Empire to take to the fight against the Cult of Molor, while Lieutenant Commander German Galven and his outstanding team of quick thinkers forged a new method of assuring the chemical warfare they faced would be rendered useless by means of robotic machines to filter out the deadly toxins.
LtCmdrs. Nijil and Solaris McLaren, and their team, salvaged their away mission with their intended in tow — an ex-Starfleet officer who had troubling news in regards to why she deflected and ran from them. Sarah Lawrens, the ex-Officer captured by the away team informs the crew that one of the key players behind the arming of the cult had been on Earth the very day the Embassy was attacked.
On the brink of a make or break situation against the Cult and the Orion Syndicate, the crew took a moment to catch their breath and relax. During this downtime, the crew had a chance to meet many new officers, some even fresh from the Academy.
Shore leave went off with a bang, as new and old officers explore the vast cities and hundreds of decks the massive station has to offer.
“Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here, you’ll never see it all. You’ll find a new favourite place every time you turn around,” extolled one long-time shop owner.
Although everyone got to enjoy the full leave, McLaren filled up her time with the captured ex-officer in hopes to gain more intelligence on the enemy, while Galven greeted the newest graduates, and soon found himself in the midst of getting to know them as he showed them around the station, and to their quarters.
Ensign Romyana Casparian, one of Ops’ newest engineers, delved into a pet-project for Lieutenant JG Shelia Bailey. The Elaysian woman was hopeful for a new set of “legs” to help her get around easier. She had faith in the engineers of the station – and their eagerness to get to work shows as the two woman met with LtCmdr. Rustyy Hael and headed off for the engineering labs. They got right into the details.
Soon after, each officer found themselves immersed into Starbase life. Ensign Tobias Steiger spent time with the chief of science and later his fellow science officers. Ensign Kudon, likewise, found himself down in engineering meeting his chief and those he’ll be working with.
For the moment, all seems calm. As if the dangers didn’t lurk just outside their shielding.
As per the norm for the senior crew of Operations, they’ve gathered for a splendid party. Food, drinks, even a bonfire and seaside beach front. A formal but informal ceremony awaits them as the night grows darker.
Written by Rustyy Hael

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