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The 2020 Writing Challenge is still accepting entries

Now we’re at the halfway mark, we’ve had some excellent entries submitted so far, and you’ve still got time to get yours in!

As a reminder, for this year, following along with the themes of the recent newly released series of Star Trek: Picard, and the current situation many of us are facing at home, the chosen theme is one of Star Trek‘s most beloved storytelling mechanics — Echoes of the Past.

“The view screen snaps into focus on an impossible sight, and a voice from your past speaks to you and you alone…”

We’ve already had some inspired entries so far — from the perspective of a cat to the wise words of a parent, to a Borg storyline — there’s a wide range of possibilities for everyone and anyone to get stuck into. Let your creative muscles flex and your imagination roam free. You’re not confined

For everyone who participates, there’s a Special 2020 Writing Challenge badge up for grabs!

To get started and learn more about the rules, click here.

All stories must be submitted by Sunday, May 17th. Good luck!