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Colonists Saved From Vanishing World, Crew Enjoys Shore Leave

MENTHAR CORRIDOR — After completing a high-risk extraction of the colonists and officers trapped far beneath the surface of Vel Meijan, the crew of the USS Thor (NCC-82607) takes much-needed leave on nearby Ferenginar.

Elynn Flynn, the current colonial administrator and granddaughter of colony founder Hunter Flynn, was among the last group transported aboard the Thor before it warped to safety. This has presented an unexpected change in circumstances for her and her people.

“It’s a lot… And it’s a lot to take in at once. But we’ll make it. This colony’s been through much worse than a shiny new planet – we’ll make it work.” After pausing considerably, she added, “We have to.”

With the mission behind them, Fleet Captain Kells has offered the crew shore leave while the Thor observes a migrating pod of gormaganders. The rare spaceborne creatures are on the Federations protected species list, and the dedicated science vessel USS Tharsis has been dispatched to further study the creatures. Ensign Tara Wilkins is using the opportunity to study the creatures at short range.

“This is perhaps the first time we’ve seen gormaganders in a pod before,” she explained when approached for comment. “They are mostly solitary creatures. It certainly was a once in a lifetime event to see them up close and personal.” When asked about the dangers involved in their study, Ens. Wilkins went on to say, “There was an ahasitor that was attacking the group of gormaganders. Captain Kells ordered us back, determining it was too dangerous to be close to them. Other than that gormaganders are mostly gentle creatures.”

Members of the crew not involved in scientific pursuits used the downtime to conduct a chilli-cook off, some sporting activities and several have chosen to visit the perpetually precipitating Ferenginar.

Before taking on their next mission, the Thor is scheduled to run a series of routine diagnostics on their Quantum Slipstream Drive to ensure the strange radiation observed on their last mission had no lasting effect. Rumours of a sphere of unknown origin being detected in the Vel Meijan system shortly before it vanished again remain unconfirmed at press time.


Written by Geoffrey Teller

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