Coastal Town Of Sunrise Beset By Unusual Events

Coastal Town Of Sunrise Beset By Unusual Events

SUNRISE, NEW YORK — In the last few weeks, weird happenings hit the citizens of the northern coastal town of Sunrise. It all started during the town’s annual Fourth of July block party and cookout, when suddenly a troubling early launch of the fireworks erupted.
“It was strange. Not only did the fireworks go off early, but they seemed odd. There were only regular ones, no colours, they just looked like sparks,” commented local chef/owner of The Green Crow diner Jansen Orrey. “I mean, we are a good few miles in the park from the setup location of the fireworks on the boardwalk, but the blasts even felt close. Almost as it was a screen of a television blowing up in your face.”
While such an event occurred frequently across the country, as local firework shows, such as what has become called the Ohio Fireworks Derecho and Flooding Event, which caused millions of dollars in damage, if only it had stopped there for the little town.
A week later, a heavy earthquake shook the town’s foundation, even the far-away city Albany experienced the tremors. Several reported injuries and extensive power outages. The local antique dealer however suffered the brunt of this blow to the psyche of the town with the loss of her entire store, Beach Street Antiques.
At the time of publishing T’Lea, the business owner was not available for comment. Authorities stated the rupture of an underground gas line in the rare earthquake, most likely caused the explosion of the business.
However, not all is doom and gloom on the Atlantic coast for Sunrise.
The town ramped up toward a big celebration centred on the upcoming Lunar Landing. All the events have been giving a questionable eye. The town looked forward to watching what the world hoped to be a collective moment for Earth to breathe easily as man sails through the stars and into the future.
Written by Jansen Orrey

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