Aron Kells returns to the Executive Council as a full member

Aron Kells returns to the Executive Council as a full member

The Executive Council is our community’s highest decision-making body, comprised of a maximum of five admirals and captains who have more than one year of service at that rank. The EC is endowed with the power to commission and decommission vessels, promote members to the rank of captain or beyond, and generally manage OOC concerns.
Appointment to the Executive Council is one of our community’s highest honors, denoting our utmost trust in the leadership and stewardship of each member.
Following the retirement of Rear Admiral Toni Turner after a long and fruitful membership on the Executive Council, the EC is pleased to announce that we have filled the fifth seat with a returning leader: Aron Kells (Tony).
Tony previously served as both an Executive Council member, and as a Captain-at-Large. You can read more about him in these interviews:

With this appointment, the EC roster is as follows:

  • Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf
  • Vice Admiral Quinn Reynolds
  • Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim
  • Fleet Captain Roshanara Rahman
  • Fleet Captain Aron Kells
  • Captain Oddas Aria (Captain-at-Large)

You can learn more about the Executive Council on the wiki.

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