USS Eagle Attempts Rescue of Mithgiln Starship, Pursues Suspected Base Of Attack

USS Eagle Attempts Rescue of Mithgiln Starship, Pursues Suspected Base Of Attack

DEEP SPACE, AAVARO WILDS – Captain Oddas Aria has reluctantly ordered the USS Eagle (NCC-74659) to respond to a distress signal received mere minutes after the multiple explosive devices had detonated on the Spike.
Following a destructive terrorist attack that left Lightside Station (colloquially known as the Spike) in disarray, and multiple members of the USS Eagle’s staff incapacitated, a message, transmitted to the Eagle, was intercepted. Despite the situation, the Eagle departed within the hour and set a course for the epicenter of the signal. Upon their swift arrival, the crew of the Federation ship found a Mithgiln transport under attack and in grave distress.
Fending off the drones that were striking at the civilian vessel was a relatively simple matter, but stabilizing the stricken craft proved impossible.
As rescue efforts were initiated, a strange and disturbing message was received, in which a Bajoran, identifying himself only as “Kosst” (a markedly potent Bajoran curse) explained that the transport had been destroyed for refusing to have its cargo sanctified. The heinousness of the action, combined with the disturbing religious overtones, and added to the overall goal of securing the goodwill of the region’s inhabitants left Captain Oddas no choice but to continue the investigation to wherever it led.
The trail, curiously laid out by one of the surviving drones, led the Eagle to what appeared to be an abandoned Cardassian station. With strange and unidentifiable energy readings being emitted from the station, caution was indicated. Despite the Eagle’s quiet and passive approach, the ship was still detected and hailed by a Cardassian named Kried Jabt.
In an effort to collect further information, and secure the situation, Captain Oddas agreed to listen to what Jabt had to say, but upon advisement from both her first officer and still-wounded chief of security- advisement that brushed the lines of insubordination- Oddas agreed to let Commander Shayne perform the meeting. Accompanied by Lieutenant Quentin Collins, Ensign R’rraww Hontru, MCPO Ness and Cardassian researcher Sotia Dano, Shayne boarded the station, which had now been identified as the abandoned Kerak Tor. Meanwhile, the Eagle’s science department performed further analysis on board the ship, headed by Lieutenant Kayla Drex.
This story is ongoing.

Written by Randal Shayne

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