Starbase 118 Ops Crew Battle to Prevent Release of ‘Death Fog’ in Gorn Territory

Starbase 118 Ops Crew Battle to Prevent Release of ‘Death Fog’ in Gorn Territory

ISHNAG SYSTEM — The crew of Starbase 118 Ops face a race against time to thwart the Children of Molor’s attempt to incite war between the Gorn and the Klingons.

Having arrived in the Ishnag System – the intended target of the primarily Klingon cult known as ‘The Children of Molor’ – the officers aboard the USS Narendra (NCC-26595) were relieved to find that they had managed to gain some advantage over their increasingly familiar enemies. However, the high spirits were short lived, as within the hour, the Narendra found itself under attack from an outdated, but heavily modified Klingon B’Rel-class Bird-of-Prey able to fire under cloak.

“One moment I was looking out of the window of the Officers’ Lounge down to the verdant planet of Ishnag below; the next I was picking myself off the floor and we were at red alert!” exclaimed Ensign Plek, a Ferengi science officer and recent graduate of Starfleet Academy. “The only other time I’ve heard of a Klingon ship firing while cloaked was over one hundred years ago at Khitomer!”

However, the Bird-of-Prey’s perceived advantage instead proved to be a weakness, as the archaic ship was easily identified by its emissions. This allowed the Narendra to return fire, and take the fight to the cult by beaming an infiltration team over to the Klingon vessel, led by Marine Major Gogigobo Fairhug.

Whilst the infiltration team worked to turn the tide of battle in orbit, another team, under the leadership of Lieutenant Commander Arturo Maxwell, was dispatched to the surface of Ishnag Colony to liaise with Gorn officials in an attempt to prepare the usually peaceful settlement for a possible invasion.

“Ishnag is an educational facility,” said Administrator Jesseth, of the Gorn encampment. “It is a place for Gorn children to find their calling in life, not somewhere that should ever find itself under attack.”

Before long, the main building of the training complex came under fire from the Children of Molor. However, with the battle very evidently turning in favour of the allied Gorn and Starfleet forces, Va’on – Commander of the Klingon ship – decided to play her final card and launch the ‘Death Fog’ towards the planet’s surface. The “Death Fog” itself, a toxic gas contained within a modified torpedo, could easily wipe out the colony’s inhabitants.

At last report, the crew aboard the Narendra were seeking a way to neutralize the threat posed by the torpedo before the Gorn inhabitants and Starfleet personnel perish at the hands of the bio-weapon.

This story is developing.

Written by Jarn Th’Braxa

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