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Pirates confronted and ancient artifact recovered by USS Columbia

DELTA VEGA I — Starfleet has confirmed the successful retrieval of a stolen historical artifact following a pursuit of the thieves from Dehner Base.

Shocking developments within the Sagittarius Reach look to have come to a head recently, as a joint press release from the Federation Science Council and Starfleet Command have confirmed that a historical artifact – stolen from the Federation’s newest facility in the region, Dehner Base – has been successfully recovered.

The statement, signed by Cmdr. A.J. Ciaravolo of Starfleet Public Affairs, and Dr. Nathalya Ferreira, Director of the Federation Science Council, stated that the USS Columbia (NCC-85279), despite having been damaged in an initial attack, was able to pursue the pirates into the Spiral Nebula. Despite further damage sustained in the ensuing battle with the pirates, the Columbia was able to successfully disable the pirate ship and launch a boarding party to retrieve the artifact.

Both Ciaravolo and Ferreira commended the Columbia and its crew for their swift actions in recovering the artifact.

“If it had not been for the quick thinking and speedy response of the Columbia in pursuing the vessel, it is likely that the artifact would have ended up in undesirable hands,” stated Ferreira, in recognition. “For their actions, we are proud to award the entire crew with the Good Conduct Ribbon.”

Realising the game was up, the captain of the pirate vessel, Tarius Kaironn, surrendered himself and the artifact, on the condition his crew be spared. Capt. Theo Whittaker, the Columbia’s commanding officer, agreed to the terms and allowed the Eildyr to depart the nebula.

Shortly after the engagement, the Columbia was contacted by an unknown vessel, identified as the Illrith, who stated they were representatives of Imperial Losarian Commonwealth, the first native Reach faction to be encountered by the Federation. The Illrith’s captain, Cmdr. Ellin Marayn confirmed that the Eildyr and its captain were wanted criminals, and had been pursuing them. Diplomatic relations have now been opened with the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth, and it is hopeful that a positive relationship will develop with the newly discovered species.

Further information on the nature of the artifact has not been disclosed, and any attempts to investigate the matter further have been closed off, with the artifacts current location unknown. Unconfirmed rumours are that is a powerful artifact, belonging to an ancient, incredibly advanced civilisation.

Written by Jarred Thoran

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