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Holoemitters on StarBase 118 plunge crew into world of fantasy

STARBASE 118 — Malfunctioning holoemitters have caused widespread trouble for the crew, with the safeties off and wild fantasy games endangering everyone.

Minutes after a briefing regarding the lethal chemical Death Fog in the Conference Room, the senior staff were beset by a shimmering figure. A dirty, pirate-like man with a long sword, pointed directly at Fleet Captain Taybrim. They quickly realized it to be a hologram produced by the ship and discovered the safeties were off when the pirate plunged the sword forward. It managed to miss any soft organic beings but left marks on the wall.

It didn’t take long to conclude that the entire station had been thrown into chaos, with the holoemitters installed throughout the base were to blame.

The crew jumped into action, heading out to shut down the systems and keep everyone safe, which was much easier said than done. Splitting into teams – each taking a different location both in the commercial sector and Starfleet secure sections – no one expected to be tossed into the fantasy programs being played out on a grand scale.

The station’s main engines were plagued with Greek Gods and Goddesses, hurling thunderbolts. The promenade played out with all the frills of girl power anime. The lower decks within the commercial sector were set in a gothic theme with angry female vampires.

“It was all very confusing!” exclaimed Sadral Diax, a civilian child accompanying her parents. “You thought someone was real and they weren’t! Mom tells me vampires aren’t real, but she’s got me a garlic necklace just in case.”

A wave of transfers, from the USS Apollo, arrived at an opportune time. Led by Marine Major Fairhug, the crew was met by turmoil and illusion. Not wasting any time, they delved into the mess. Early reports of diagnosis into the ship systems believe it to be a complicated virus let loose within the computer operations.

Now, sure of the problem and with a solution, the growing crew of StarBase 118 set out to rid the station of the troublesome virus and alleviate some of the confusion as best as possible.

Written by Rustyy Hael

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