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Historic officer exchange underway between USS Columbia and Imperial Losarian Commonwealth

LOSARIA — As part of cultural exchange between Starfleet and the Royal Court of the Imperial Losarian Commonwealth, three senior staff and several enlisted crewmen from the USS Columbia (NCC-85279) have been invited aboard the Imperial Losarian Cruiser Illrith.

It is understood that Cmdrs. Jarred Thoran and Luna Walker, Lt. Cmdr. Mirra Ezo, as well as Lt JG. Jona ch’Ranni will spend time understanding more about how the Losarians operate whilst out on a routine patrol with the ship along a region known as the Mantras Corridor. The Illrith, commanded by Commander Marayn, was first encountered by the Columbia in their pursuit of the Losarian outlaw Tarius Kaironn.

“This is a fantastic opportunity, for Starfleet and the Losarian Royal Navy to build stronger ties,” Cmdr. Jarred Thoran stated, speaking to the FNS prior to his departure. “It will also allow us to reflect on our own ways and processes. The cultural differences will no doubt be a challenge, but it is an experience my colleagues and I are very much looking forward to.”

A small complement of the Illrith’s crew will also be staying aboard the Columbia, where they will be integrating and working as a regular part of the ship’s crew.

The exchange is hoped to bolster relations with the Losarians, the first civilisation to be encountered in the Sagittarius Reach. Diplomatic relations have so far been productive, with Queen Enora Glynndor of Losaria having previously invited the crew of the Columbia to enjoy shore leave on Losaria.

As the Illrith departed on its patrol, so did the Columbia, bound for an unexplored M-class planet, but not before welcoming Ensigns Judith Hickson, Keira Callahan and Karen Stendhal aboard as security, medical and counselling respectively.

Latest reports from the Columbia indicate that a series of ruins have been found on the surface of the planet, and an away team consisting of Capt. Theo Whittaker, Lt. Commanders Rune Jolara and T’Lea accompanied by Ensigns’ Ben Burns and James Colquhoun have been dispatched to investigate them further.

The ruins mark the second time that there has been an archaeological find in the region, the first being found on Delta Vega I. The Federation Science Council is eagerly awaiting a report on the findings, and it is believed they are in the process of putting together a research team to assess the site further.


Written by Jarred Thoran

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