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Astraeus Initiates First Contact with Avian Species

EAGLE NEBULA, ALPHA QUADRANT — While en route to the Eagle Nebula, the USS Astraeus (NCC-70652) crew picked up a distress call from an unknown alien vessel experiencing engine difficulties.

They arrived to find an avian species that Starfleet had never encountered before. Despite the avian race’s strange preference for speaking their thoughts aloud to one another rather than engaging outsiders, the away team led by Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek adapted to the taboo through a combination of indirect conversation and an intermediary, Aurelian Ensign Cree’Yaaw.

“Commander Galven was the one who suggested the intermediary,” said Ensign Mesda Chatva. “But Lieutenant Smith really ran with it and found two candidates to add to the pool.”

With the avian captain’s permission, medical and engineering teams beamed over, began repairing the damage to the avian crafts’ engines and treating the injured when the threat of an unknown strain of disease became clear.

“There was the added complication of a potential avian virus.” Nurse Bella Storm stated, “Fortunately, Lieutenant Bailey and her team collected samples that would help with generating a vaccine against the illness.”

In an unexpected turn of events, the Engineering team discovered something strange with the ship’s systems. The investigation into the exact nature of the issue continues.


Written by Lael Rosek

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