Alexander Williams promoted to commander!

Alexander Williams promoted to commander!

The Captains Council is pleased to announce that Alexander Williams, First Officer of the USS Atlantis, has been promoted to the rank of Commander!
Cheers to Commander Williams, and here’s to many more years of simming with UFOP: SB118! Click here to head to the forums and add your congratulations on this promotion.
Williams joined the fleet in June of 2013, and was assigned to the Apollo as the tactical officer. He continued playing in the tactical role, transitioning to the Chief Tactical Officer, on a number of ships including the Aegis, Apollo-A, Constitution-B, Excalibur-A, and Za. He has played the First Officer on the Athena and his current ship, the Atlantis.
The writer behind Williams has been highly decorated with the Genesis Award, Russ Bar, Q Award, Laudean Commendation, Neelix Award, as well as the 1-Year, 3-Year, and 5-Year member awards.
You can read more about him in this interview: “First Officer in Focus: Alexander Williams, Atlantis“.
The promotion to the rank of commander is a joyous occasion in our community – the result of years of writing, mentoring, and learning the ropes. The multi-step process in a promotion to Commander starts with a nomination from two members of the fleet at or above the rank of Commander, followed by an initial vote from the Captains Council to allow the examination process to begin. Then, the member must pass both a written exam, and a practical exam. Finally, another vote by the Captains Council confirms the promotion. Candidates must show that they have great simming skills, strong knowledge of Star Trek, and the foundations of leadership and teaching skills.

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