Starfleet vessel hijacked by Romulan Ocala separatists

Starfleet vessel hijacked by Romulan Ocala separatists

STARBASE 118 – Ocala separatists have hijacked the USS Narendra, and the senior staff of StarBase 118 has been rushed to intervene.
While undergoing her trial runs near the Jenatris Cloud, the Ambassador class USS Narendra was entirely unprepared – and unequipped – to deal with an unforeseen hijacking from the Romulan Ocala. The skeleton crew tried to call for help, but little of the ship’s state or the attack’s purpose could be gathered before the call was cut off.
Meanwhile, the senior staff of StarBase 118 had been sitting down for a routine staff meeting, one that saw the arrival of Lt. Cmdr Elspeth as XO, the return of Lt. Cmdr. Anders as Mission Specialist, and the promotion of Lt. Ishani Kasun to Lieutenant Commander. As StarBase 118 Ops commanding officer Captain Taybrim handed out awards for the crew’s actions on their previous mission, the meeting was interrupted by the distress call from the USS Narendra. Despite Lt. Cmdr. Trel’lis’s words of caution, Taybrim elected to take action.
“I don’t care what Raskor says, I hope there’s orders for us to go get that ship headed this way now, but no matter what they say we’re getting that ship,” said Taybrim, who dispatched the crew to ready the USS Aegis in preparation to save the Narendra.
After a rushed launch, the USS Aegis headed for the Narendra’s supposed location on the edges of the Jenatris cloud. Any hopes the Ocala were merely raiding the ship for supplies were quickly dashed as the Aegis dropped from warp onto a sensor-scrambling trap, leaving them blind and with no sign of the Narendra or her crew.
Written by Taelon

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