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Species closeup: Zaldans

ay what you mean. I do not trust your sugary words.”

The Zaldans are a humanoid species with webbed hands. They are blunt and a simple human courtesy can cause great offense as they interpret such actions as phony. This can cause great difficulty in interactions with other species but they are a friendly and helpful people once this is taken in account. They are one of the few species to have entire ships crewed by the same species due to these difficulties.

Zaldans are naturally aggressive and physical competition and challenges have become an intricate part of their culture. They are generally muscular, tall and athletic and therefore typically excel at inter-species sports. The species has a good relationship with Klingons showing they are respected as being honorable.

The Zaldans have only appeared in a few Star Trek episodes and as a playable species there are lots of opportunities to expand upon their basic outline. Learn more about this species from their wiki page.

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