Odd Jobs of Starfleet: Captain Nugra, Task Force Security Liason

Odd Jobs of Starfleet: Captain Nugra, Task Force Security Liason

In “odd jobs” we examine some less traditional posts and the characters and writers behind them to inspire you to investigate potential for your own character.
Today, I’m sitting down with Captain Nugra, Task Force Security Liason attached to the USS Gorkon.
SHAYNE: Tell us a little bit about yourself- where in the world do you hail from?
NUGRA: Well, my actual name is Jonathan as many in the community already know and I presently live in Kentucky, USA. I’m not only a simmer but I moonlight as a professional freelance writer on the side.
Your position in the fleet as a Task Force Security Liaison is most unique- would you care to describe it in your own words?
The position is pretty much a liaison between all the ships within the Tyrellian Defense and Exploration Taskforce. His responsibility is to correlate and check on the security status of not only each ship but of the sector itself. That way he can present a simple and comprehensive report to Admiral Reynolds upon request.
What did Nugra need to do to become a Security Liaison?
IC wise, it’s more about his rank. Nugra is a captain and much like the real world navies, not all that hold that rank command vessels but many of them are in positions that require coordination and overseeing. In Nugra’s case, Admiral Reynolds placed him in the position so that he would be able to effectively coordinate with the six vessels in the taskforce.
What are some of the enjoyable, or challenging aspects of playing a character in this role?
Keeping him busy, LOL. As he has such a unique title, it’s my responsibility to make sure that Nugra is not only part of the storyline but able to effectively be a good simmer. The Taskforce Security Liaison is not as cut and dried as, say, a security officer or a medical officer. The way I see him is as an administrator on shoreleave and then slipped into whatever position makes sense for the mission. The last mission he was on, he took on a Security Officer-like role but can easily put into a tactical or even commanding officer role as the story dictates.
The position is very fluid but needs some proactive creativity and communication with my CO to make sure that the character is not only helpful for the story but not going over the line IC.
What words of advice would you have for anyone who’d also like to play a character in this position?
I would recommend the position for senior players like those who have been in the community for awhile. As I mentioned above, it can be a challenge to fit yourself into a story and it helps if you already have had some simming time under your belt and can understand the mechanics of our community.
If the person taking it is already a senior player, I would recommend that you make sure to talk to your CO/FO first and understand the exact IC scope that they want so that you can stay within the borders. As the position doesn’t have definitive borders, you should create them with your leadership team.
Thank you for your time, Captain Nugra!
You can read more about Capt Nugra on the wiki.

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