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Happy 24th anniversary!

Today, June 15, marks the 24th anniversary of our founding in 1994.

That makes us older than Google, Star Trek Enterprise, and lots of our own members!

Huge thanks to everyone who’s been a member over the years, helping to build this beloved community of friends, writers, and Star Trek fans.

Click here to head to the forums to tell us what your favorite part of being a member has been.

About Tristan Wolf

FltAdml. Tristan Wolf, real name Jordan, founded UFOP: StarBase 118 – a Star Trek Play By Email RPG – in June of 1994. He previously served as the Commanding Officer for a number of simming installations, notably the first of StarBase 118 Operations. He currently lives in San Francisco with his partner and their Humane Society rescue dog named Baxter. Jordan works in politics, loves scifi (natch), fantasy, and new technologies.
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