Halloween Avatar Contest 2018: Winners!

Halloween Avatar Contest 2018: Winners!

Thanks to everyone who helped organize and facilitate their crew’s participation in this contest. This year all eight of our ships and bases participated. Here’s our list of themes:

Participation was even higher than last year, with five ships at 100% and all other ships at 85% or higher!
There were eight judges this year, all from our community. Each ship and base sent one judge who was not the Commanding Officer. They were each required to rank the entrants in two categories: originality and design quality. None of the judges could score their own ship in the first position for either category. Then, we multiplied those scores against participation of each ship to come up with a final number.
So who won? (Click the “read more” button to see!)
Congratulations go to the crew of the
USS Gorkon for their 8 Bit Gaming avatars!

The Gorkon were last year’s runners-up, so congratulations to them for a great streak two years in a row! These innovative and great designs were the clear winners.
But we always award a runner-up, and this year’s it’s Columbia‘s Astronauts – besting another crew by just a few points thanks to the participation multiplier, which just goes to show that having everyone on your crew participate can make or break how you place!
Head to the forums now to congratulate the winners and runners-up in our Halloween Avatar Contest discussion thread!

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