Tune in to the first Podcast of 2395

Tune in to the first Podcast of 2395

It’s a new year and the podcast team is working harder than ever to bring you an entertaining show. With the writer of Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Traenor joining as a co-host, this podcast will be our best yet!
Highlights of this edition include:

  • Welcome new Academy graduates to the fleet – Read by Kelrod
  • Promotions from September 2394 through January 2395 – Read By Roshanara Rahman
  • A special song with lyrics by Zephyr and sung by Alora DeVeau
  • Dramatic reading of: Commander Brayden Jorey & Lieutenant Commander Oddas Aria — Teaching An Engineer How To Dance – Read By Kelrod & Lael Rosek
  • Ask A Doc – Written and Read by Zephyr
  • Witty Wordsmith: Acting Versus Reacting — How to Plan Better Stories – Written by Sal Taybrim and Read by Zephyr
  • Fleet Announcements – Written by Lael Rosek and read By Zephyr

Click here to listen to this podcast now on YouTube.

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